French Restaurant

Latour Restaurant in Ridewood, NJ


      Katsuo's rate
        • welcoming    5
        • ambiance:    3
        • waiting     4
        • presentation    3.5
        • food     4
        • coming back?  5


  • As soon as I stepped inside, a person welcomed me with a big smile (not a robotic smile. I hate those mechanic     smiles) and asked me if I wanted to be seated while my friend was  
  • It has a cute and clean ambiance. Each table had a cute fresh flower arrangement; kind of dark a bit though.
  • Our waiter was rushing to present specials where the restaurant was not busy. He made me think those menus were not that "special." But, it's OK, They were all nice after all
  • The color of my appetizer and main dish was so dark. It didn't look pretty. Maybe some more colors around the meal were needed; I don't know...but, other dishes looked so cute.
  • Wow, it was so tasty. We cannot judge the food by its looks. The sauce was so smooth and light. It was like fresh-home-made cooking; not too salty, not too sweet, just great.
  • We are definitely going back.




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